Strategic Business Relationship(Hotels & Institutions)

We have long business relationships with Guest Houses, Star hotels and motels. We have been providing our wide range of mattresses to these organizations over the decades. We know very well the fact that quality of interactions with our esteemed customers is very vital for the success of our business. Throughout these years, we have built a very strong and large clientele enabling us to grow the business, maximize the reach and build a long lasting customer relationship. We have both individual as well as organizations in our client list.


The quality maintained in our products has boosted our complex web of interconnections and have earned the reputation. Our concept of Strategic Business Relationship is purely based on quality and performance. We believe that when our service is perfect, long term business and relationship follow us. Ultimately, the professional goals are fulfilled automatically.


Our business relationship with star hotels of major cities in India did not happened overnight. We worked hard for achieving our business strategies and made sure that we also actively participate in the after sales support. This is one of the aspects that made us truly outstanding from our competitors. Being a distributor of sleep products for last four decades, we are aware of the requirements of our individual customers and organizations. We make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled for the longevity of our business relationships.


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