Latex Mattress

Product Details

If you are looking for an affordable yet very comfortable mattress, you might need latex mattress. These mattresses made from natural rubber latex are renowned for its durability. Our customers appreciate about longevity of their latex mattresses. The durability is outstanding and is available in regular firm, extra firm, and ultra form types. The mattress is reversible.


Bed mattresses made up of materials like memory foam and gel foam draw heavily from chemicals to create the experience of the bed molding to your body’s shape. Memory foam reacts chemically to your body’s temperature and creates that experience of support and comfort. However, if you’re like other consumers, you may want a mattress you can lay down on and not fear for the types of chemicals you’re inhaling or coming into contact with. Natural latex mattresses offer the same experience as memory foam but utilize an organic ingredient.


Natural latex is created from the sap of rubber trees specifically planted and maintained for latex and rubber production. These trees are tapped to create a regular and sustainable resource akin to maple syrup harvesting. The end result is a type of mattress support that doesn’t require the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals to create a long-lasting and always-springy bed.

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